Top 100 Websites for Pet Ownership Advice

Anyone from the new owner of a puppy to a senior cat always has room for a little or a lot more pet advice. Below are the best 100 sites for pet advice on nutrition, training, health, grooming, and more.

Best General Pet Advice Sites

Visit these leading pet sites to get advice on every pet and topic imaginable.

1. PetSource: The Virtual Vet, where Dr. Halligan answers common pet questions, is enough to merit a visit. You can also get a useful Pets 101 section, games to play, and videos.

2. Petside: Visit here for pet health information, a breed guide, and the latest in pet news. There is even the option to use the Pet Vet to find a disease or condition based on symptoms.

3. Pet Care: The ASPCA gives you the most up to date pet care information from a variety of experts. Utilize the Virtual Pet Behaviorist, animal poison control center, the guide to pets and kids, and much more.

4. Healthy Questions & Answers: The experts at PetPop help answer questions on a variety of pets. Learn more about the experts, read one of the many questions, or sign in to send your own.

5. Pet Health Library: Visit here for articles, videos, and a guide to breeds. You can also get free quotes for two types of pet insurance or chat with a live representative to take your questions.

6. Pet Hobbyist: Visit here for daily tips and news on pet related stories. A recent article examined common plants that are toxic to pets.

7. 911 Emergency Tips for Pets: This is the site to visit if you have a pet related emergency. Get information on toxic plants, CPR, safety, and many useful links to other sites that can help.

8. Pet Care Resources: Every week this site is updated with the news, articles, pictures, and advice. The latest entries include cracked paw pads, questions to ask a dog breeder, and the true cost of dog ownership.

9. Animal Care Sheets: PETCO has an impressive selection of free, downloadable sheets on animal care. Choose from dog or cat, and even fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds.

10. Pet Care Articles: Another useful tool from PETCO is a database of articles on just about every pet breed. You can get articles on health, nutrition, grooming, behavior, and more.

11. PetFinder Library: PetFinder helps place pets in need of adoption with homes. They also have an online library that shows what to do before and after an adoption, tips for health, and care.

12. Creature Comforts: MSNBC has a special section for pets and their care. Recent articles give advice on people food, what to do if your pet hates your partner, and holiday hazards.

13. Animal Health: The American Veterinary Medical Association has many brochures on the health of your pet available to download for free. You can get them for dogs, horses, dental health, and many other topics.

14. Pets: Blisstree: This site contains many tips for running a happy home, including pet advice. Get entries on pet products, behaviors, news, and more.

15. The Web Magazine for Pet Owners: This online publication often has the option to ask veterinarians a question instantly over the web. You can also get advice for breeds, diseases, training, nutrition, and more.

Top Sites for Dog Ownership Advice

Dog owners will love the advice on training, health, diseases, and much more on these sites.

16. Dog Channel: Stop here for loads of advice on health, grooming, nutrition, fleas, and much more. A recent article examined the latest and best in vaccinations.

17. Dog Care Guide Book: This free guide to essential dog information can be found online and covers hundreds of frequently asked questions. Chapters include verbal cues and body language, socialization, weight, grooming, and selecting the right vet.

18. Features: The Dog Whisperer stays on top of the latest in pet health and news. Get first aid tips, the myths behind spay and neuter, and more.

19. Dog Articles: Barkley and Paws is a leading online pet community that contains lots of professional advice. You can get tips for nutrition, health, training, and more.

20. Dog Care: The experts at Purina offer a simple online guide to caring for your dog. Topics include nutrition, safety, behavior, and you can even get a wellness guide.

21. Bark ‘N Blog: Dr. Kim Bloomer gives tips on natural dog care from the vet’s perspective. Get the story behind many myths and easy to follow tips on this blog.

22. The Daily Dog Tip: Experts offer advice on a daily basis on nutrition, training, and much more. Read the tip of the day or choose by category.

Tops Sites for Cat Ownership Advice

Lovers and owners of felines will enjoy the free and expert advice on these sites.

23. Cat Health Care: The Cat Channel has a massive database on a range of health topics. Choose from vaccines, vets, grooming, dental care, and much more.

24. Cat Care Guide Book: Similar to the one for dogs, this book is available to read for free online. Chapters include cat sounds, spaying and neutering, hereditary diseases, and common cat problems.

25. The Daily Cat: Provided by Iams, you can get resources for cat owners such as health, nutrition, and behavior basics. Be sure to check out the tip of the day or join in a cat related discussion.

26. Cat Articles: This is a collection of relevant articles all about cats covering everything from training and grooming to proper nutrition. Get tips on health, nutrition, litter box, and much more.

27. Cat Care: Purina also has a section just for cats complete with its own health and wellness guide. Articles include cat life stages, dental care, scratching, and spraying.

28. CatAge: Stop here to take the free age test for cats and get advice to help them live longer and healthier. They also have weekly health updates with the latest information.

29. The Daily Cat Tip: Feline experts and cat-loving gurus dispense straightforward advice on things you can do to keep your cat healthy and happy. Popular searches include natural flea remedies and baths.

30. Answers to Any Cat Question: Visit Catster to see a compilation of common cat questions and answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to post your own question.

Top Sites for Pet Products

Stop here before making your next food, toy, or other pet product purchase for reviews and recommendations.

31. Embrace Pet Community Blog: This is the site for pampered pets and their pocket books. Get the latest product reviews, learn about insurance, compare medication prices, and find great deals all on one site.

32. GreatGreenPet: A shopping blog, it is devoted to combing the web to find environmentally friendly products for your pet. Get reviews for food, toys, clothes, and more.

33. The Daily Treat: Janet and the Animal Planet take you through the best in pet products. You can view the treat of the day, watch videos, or get the top treats.

34. Barkability: Get the latest product reviews for dog owners by reading this blog. Current products include reviews on a scratch and sniff notecard, chew toy, and talking dog bowl.

35. Free Coupons and Samples: Want to try a product yourself for little or no money? Then visit here for offers, giveaways, and contests for pets.

36. Dogster Contests, Promotions, and Fun: Stop here to get the latest in offers and deals for dog owners. You can also get fun stuff such as quizzes, a caption contest, and a dog related browser.

37. BiblioDog: This blog highlights the best in dog publications. You can also get many useful related links.

38. Organic Pet Superfood: Go beyond food reviews with the help of this blog. You can get reviews for toys, products, contests, and even iPhone apps.

Top Sites for Pet Grooming

These sites are ideal for pet advice on washing, brushing, and so much more.

39. Groomer Has It: This leading show has its own blog written by a team of stylists and a vet. Read about the latest episode, get professional grooming tips for your own pet, and more.

40. A Beginners Guide to Dog and Cat Grooming: This extensive guide will teach you the basics of grooming a dog or cat. You can also get advice on shedding, evaluating a groomer, and more.

41. How to Groom Basics: This site has a grooming guide for many breeds from A to Z. You can also get information on clippers, licensed groomers, and even cat tips.

42. Dog Grooming Tips for All Breeds: Because many breeds have special grooming needs, they have provided links for the specific grooming required of each. Choose any breed from Affenpinscher to Yorkshire Terrier.

43. Dog Grooming Tips and Topics: MJM Company sells all sorts of pet grooming products and even offers a guide on how to use them. Get advice on coats, ears, nails, and more.

44. Hairs of the Dogs: Daryl Conner is a certified pet stylist and a contributing editor to “Pet Age Magazine.” Read her blog for simple and easy to follow styling tips for all sorts of dogs.

45. Dog Grooming Tips: The Community Animal Welfare Society has many useful resources for pet owners, including grooming tips. They have advice for bathing, teeth, nails, and ears.

46. Grooming Guide: This site has several sections on various grooming practices. There are tips for hair, accessories, washing, and clipping.

Top Sites for Pet Training

Never spend another moment on your knees cleaning up a pet mess with the help of these sites. You can also get advice on tricks, biting, scratching, and more.

47. Dog Training Center: The experts at Dogtime bring you this online training center. You can get tons of tips and guides including housetraining 101, teaching your dog to be alone, and more.

48. Training by the Experts: Dog Channel brings you many articles and guides on training your puppy or dog. The latest articles are on barkers and eight reasons to use a crate.

49. Clicker Training Library: Karen Pryor and a vast array experts and enthusiasts have their training advice collected on one site. You can get advice for dogs and cats, as well as horses, birds, exotics, and small animals.

50. Cesar’s Tips: The famous Dog Whisperer gives free training tips for dogs on his website. He discusses common issues and behavior problems and even shows owners how to retrain themselves.

51. Animal Planet: Beyond: Click on the Pet Training tab to get videos on training your dog and cat. You can also get many other useful pet videos.

52. Animal Behavior Network: Visit here for tips on how to raise and train dogs, cats, and puppies. You can even get a free positive parenting eCourse.

53. Zak George: Each week, Zak does a video blog, mostly on how to teach your dog fun tricks. The latest include saying prayers and jumping through arms.

54. Puppy Videos: You can find training videos for puppies on house breaking, biting, and simple tricks. There are also related articles and many other resources for dog owners.

55. Training: PetFinder shows you how to train your pet with useful articles and videos. You can even get resources for the cat owner.

56. Dog Trainer Tips: The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has a guide online available to the public. They also take and answer questions on various training methods and practices.

57. Cat and Kitten Training: Get all sorts of advice on training your cat including litterbox, scratching, and more. You can even get a free eBook entitled “From the Cat’s Point of View.”

58. Horse Training Tips: Larry Trocha is a professional cutting and reining trainer and offers many tips for free by signing up for the newsletter. You can also order his training videos, view clips, and learn more about the money back guarantee.

Top Pet Blogs

These blogs are written by pet communities and experts to give you up to date and personalized advice on your pet.

59. The PETCO Scoop: Associates of the store maintain this blog on health, news, tips, and advice for the pet owner. Popular entries deal with food recall, contests, and more.

60. Dog Blog Network: Dogtime gathers blog entries from across the world to one convenient spot. Topics include behavior, fitness, nutrition, alternative health, and even a section for cats.

61. Bay Area Pets: “The San Francisco Gate” has tons of resources for the pet owner, including a community blog. You can also get Tails of the City, a pet gallery, along with news and features.

62. Petville: This blog is a place to celebrate, learn, and talk about your pets. Recent entries dealt with a food recall and cancer treatments.

63. PetsitUSA: Get information on pets for sitters, dog walkers, and owners. The latest posts deal with permit suspension, food withdrawal, and leash laws.

64. Best Friends Network: A community of bloggers, you can find posts on just about every pet topic. There are also tons of other pet related resources on this site.

65. A Humane Nation: Wayne Pacelle is President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. Read his blog to get information on animal investigations, advice for pet owners, and even a few laughs.

66. Scratchings and Sniffings: Get pet talk from the ground up by reading this blog. Categories include dogs, cats, vet advice, and more.

67. ThePetCheckup: They sell a simple, in-home early detection test that enables you to detect health problems in your dogs and cats, even before symptoms appear. Their blog tells the signs of many common conditions and diseases in pets.

68. Paw Talk: A community of bloggers post on all sorts of pets, including bugs. You can also join a forum, read the latest news, or view the gallery.

Top Veterinarian Sites

Visit here for the latest and best in pet health advice from leading veterinarians.

69. Ask the ASPCA Vets: Three professional vets answer your pet related health and care questions. There are also other experts such as behavioral, grief, and equine.

70. Vet Blog: Visit here for information and advice from Dr. Eric Barchas. He gives useful tips on maintaining your pet’s health and even takes reader questions.

71. Pet Connection: Dr. Marty Becker has appeared on Good Morning America and is an expert veterinarian. Visit his site for expert advice, a blog, and more.

72. The Pet Center: Also named, the Internet Animal Hospital, you can get a ton of resources from a vet for your pet’s health. Get loads of useful articles and tips, or ask your question online.

73. Ask the Vet with Jon Geller: He answers questions about canine health and responsible dog ownership. The latest advice includes homemade diet and dogs who eat grass.

74. Ask the Vet: Dr. Sherry Weaver answers her readers questions on common dog and pet issues. You can also get tips for toys, choosing dog food, and more.

75. Ask A Vet: Petaboo is one of the newest online pet communities and offers a special section for questions for veterinarians. In addition to questions and answers, you can also get a ton of other resources for the pet owner.

76. Dolittler: This blog is written by Dr. Patty Khuly who regularly posts on her daily work. See the most common and uncommon conditions a vet comes across by reading this blog.

77. Free Ask A Vet: Dr. Chris will answer your pet related questions and post the answers on this site. You also have the option to sign up for a membership and receive four free pet eBooks.

78. Pete the Vet’s Blog: Dr. Wedderburn tells real life stories from his practice and experiences. Recent posts include pet shame, diabetes in cats, and a puppy who survived being flushed down the toilet.

79. WebVet: This veterinarian takes topics from work and the news and blogs about them. Categories include health, holistic care, preventive care, and more.

Top Sites for Pet Nutrition Advice

Make sure to visit these sites to see if your pet food is doing more harm than good.

80. Pet Diets: Established by Veterinary Nutritional Consultants, this independent group gives pet owners advice on nutrition. Get answers to topics such as homemade diets, a nutrition library, and an FAQ.

81. Pet Nutrition Guide: This easy to read nutrition guide will help you maintain your pet’s happiness and prevent you from taking unnecessary trips to the vet. There are also related entries on coupons, flatulence, and more.

82. The Pet Food Bible Blog: Visit here for the best tips in pet nutrition from expert Amanda Jones. You can get advice on homemade food, what to stay away from, recalls, and more.

83. Pet Food, Treats, & More: Learn more about natural food for cats and dogs. The site contains guides, a newsletter, videos, ways to save money, and you can order free samples if you agree to pay for shipping.

84. Science Diet: This leading pet food provider also gives guides on diseases and myths for both cats and dogs. You can also learn more about the Three Bag Challenge or enter one of their contests.

85. Healthy Recipes for Pets: Ready to make your own pet food? Then visit this site for recipes on meals, treats, and even for health.

86. The Natural Nutrition Guide: This eBook is an inside look at the world of commercial pet food that tells you what to look for and what to avoid. Purchase for $18.99 and it comes with a two month money back guarantee.

87. Master in Public Health: Mary Hench explains how and why to care for your pets is a national public health concern. Along with pet health and safety information, you can find other ways to assist in national public health campaigns.

88. Ten Tips to Quit the Commercial Food Habit: Learn how and why to go off store brought brands in ten easy steps. You can also get other pet advice on this site.

Top Podcasts and Videos for Pet Ownership Advice

These videos and podcasts contain the best advice for pet owners.

89. Animal Radio: This show is broadcast on AM, FM, and even XM stations for pet owners everywhere. You can also listen to this leading show as a podcast.

90. Pet Care TV: Visit here for tons of videos on pet health and advice. Get videos for arthritis, birth, cancer, dental health, and more.

91. Animal Advice: Now in its third season, this podcast is sponsored by Purina where veterinarians field questions from pet lovers across the nation. A recent episode examined chronic diarrhea.

92. Veterinary News Network: This site is where both pet owners and veterinarians can get the latest in news and advice. Recent stories include fire safety, danger in pet pharmacies, and warnings about flea and tick products.

93. Dr. James Talbott: This veterinarian is also one of the professionals at ExpertVillage. You can get videos on care for dogs and cats, along with training advice.

94. Good Dog Podcasts: These podcasts focus on dog behavior, training, feeding, and incredible stories. Recent episodes included pet friendly restaurants and prolonging life.

95. Pet TV: Get advice from Petsmart on everything from training to choosing the right toy. Get videos for dogs, cats, or pet lifestyle expert Wendy Diamond.

96. Humane Society: This society fights for animal rights and has a video database. Learn how to care properly for your pets by avoiding the mistakes made in these videos.

97. This vet posts on her blog with many audio entries. Get practical advise for pet owners, along with how her own pets are doing.

98. Sarah Tingle: She is also a professional dispensing advice on ExpertVillage and currently works at the Wildlife Care Center. Although she has videos for dog owners, most of the series concentrates on caring for small pets.

99. Complete Puppy Care: Another podcast from Purina, these podcasts take you through the first six months of a puppy’s life. You can also take the free fourteen month program with video, tips, articles, and valuable offers for puppy owners.

100. GroomerTALK Radio: Get the latest trends and advice from groomers on this show. You can even get episodes dating back to 2005.

A pet is precious whether it is a dog, cat, bird, horse, or other. Make sure to stay ahead of the curve by following the advice of these top 100 pet sites.