Top 50 Veterinarian Blogs

Busy pet owners can often forget that animals need healthcare, too. Those who don’t have the time, money, or energy to go to the veterinarian for every little thing can save themselves the hassle by visiting the below. This is a list of the 50 best and most informative blogs from veterinarians to help you raise happy and healthy pets.

General Veterinary Help

Whether you own dogs, cats, farm animals, or others, you are sure to find something useful. These blogs contain advice on training, feeding, product recommendations, vaccines, and everything related from a veterinarian’s point of view.

1. Veterinary Practice News: Also a monthly magazine, this blog is contributed to by a series of top veterinarians. In addition to the regularly updated entries, you can get industry news, vet recommendations, and the latest products. There is even a special section that gives complete breed profiles on all sorts of animals.

2. Dolittler :P atty Khuly is a veterinarian in Miami, Florida where she practices at Sunset Animal Clinic. There are many resources for pet owners on this site, and the entries are regularly updated. There is even a link to a virtual vet hospital where you can admit pets as patients on the forum.

3. Meet the Experts: Part of DogTime, this site allows you to ask a professional veterinarian your pet health question. You can also read advice on everything from training to nutrition to how to select the right dog for you. There are also loads of other resources for dog owners, such as information on adoption, product reviews, and free offers.

4. Dr. Eric Barchas: Dr. Barchas regularly answers his readers questions on his blog. Part of Dogster, many posts deal with lyme disease, allergies, and grass eaters. You can even send in your own pet question to this doc.

5. Bark ‘N Blog: Dr. Kim Bloomer is a veterinarian who takes a look at natural therapy. She blog about simple remedies for common problems, gives product recommendations, and more. A recent post examined the benefits of natural flea control.

6. Creature Comforts: Kim Campbell Thornton is a pet expert and regularly blogs for MSNBC. Many entries deal with popular pet myths. A recent entry examined the story behind letting pets eat people food.

7. Veterinarian Advice Online: Visit this blog for loads of free veterinarian advice. Categories include dogs, cats, horse health, exotic pets, and more. A recent entry looked at how global warming effects pets.

8. Animal Behavior Network: The goal of the network is to provide pet behavior education and services for pet parents, professionals, and veterinary practices. Dr. Rolan Tripp gives a ton of advice for anyone experiencing animal behavioral problems. You can even sign up for a free positive pet parenting email course.

9. The Web Magazine for Pet Owners: Dr. Scott Nimmo is a veterinary surgeon living in the South East of England. His blog is aimed at pet owners to inform, entertain, and provide veterinary advice but at the same time always be an interesting read. Get information on poisons, breeds, diseases, drugs, and much more.

10. The Pet Center: Maintained by Dr. T.J. Dunn, this site is worth a visit. It has a comprehensive index of pet related articles on a variety of topics. They include nutrition, euthanasia, older pets, specialists, and much more.

11. Pet Connection Blog: This site and blog are run by the host of “The Pet Doctor With Marty Becker” on PBS. Get the latest in news, updates, and medicine on this site. You can also get a ton of useful links to pet resources.

12. The Pet Food Bible Blog: Don’t know which food to buy your pets? Then visit this blog by Dr. Amanda Jones for the latest and best in pet food. Get information on ingredients, and even instructions on how to prepare homemade food.

13. Rebecca Skloot: A vet tech for several years, Rebecca now writes for a variety of publications. On the Prevention site, she regularly writes about pets, health, and more. Visit to read exciting entries on pet sweat, first aid, how to say good-bye, and much more.

14. Christie Keith: Christie is an animal expert and regular contributor to the “SF Gate.” You can read a great deal of useful articles on pet health and related topics. Recent entries include staph infections and personalities of cats.

15. Pete the Vet’s Blog: Pete Wedderburn is a vet in companion animal practice. Regularly updated entries give real life stories on companionship and veterinary practice. You can even view videos of Pete’s appearances on TV 3.

16. Dog Tip of the Day: Veterinarians and other animal professionals give daily tips on raising happy and healthy dogs. Get quick advice on nutrition, training, and more. Today’s tip dealt with how often you should walk your dog.

17. Cat Tip of the Day: Not to be outdone by the above, this site contains tips for cat owners. Feline experts dispense straightforward advice on big and small things you can do to keep your cat healthy and happy every day. A recent entry suggested letting a cat play with an ice cube for fun.

18. Pet Peeve’s Blog: This veterinarian works at all hours and blogs about the common pet problems she can experience. With entries dating all the way back to 2005, you are sure to find something useful. She recently examined a dog for the Parvo virus.

19. Ask the Vet Blog: If you are a horse owner, this blog is for you. Dr. Lydia Gray offers her opinion on equine questions that affect horses everywhere. Sift through the archive of questions or ask one yourself.

20. Dr. Nelson’s Veterinary Blog: This veterinarian focuses mostly on dogs and cats. Many of the entries answer common vet questions, but the You Make the Diagnosis entries are of particular interest. The latest focused on soft-coated Wheaton terriers.

21. Vet Tech: Although they haven’t posted in a while, this blog is still worth a visit. Christie and Nancy answers pet owner questions about veterinary procedures, terminology, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and other products. The most recent post examined seven common veterinarian scenarios.

22. Aimee’s Law: This blog provides frequent updates on efforts to align rabies laws with current vaccine science and to urge lawmakers to make allowances for sick and senior pets when in the care of a veterinarian. Get an alternative look at vaccine damage, alternative medicine, and rabies. A recent entry examined what veterinarians don’t tell about vaccinations.

23. The Internet Pet Vet: Dr. Andrew Jones shares veterinary secrets with his readers. Get a behind the scenes look at the veterinary world, along with tips for keeping your pet healthy. He also has a series of videos available for at home health, which have been recently reduced in price.

24. VETBLOG: This site chronicles the life and times of a veterinarian living in Toronto. You can also read entries on topics such as vaccines, from a vet’s point of view. There are also links to useful resources.

25. Chronicles of a Vet Student: Angela has dreamed of being a vet her whole life and is in the 2012 class at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. Get updates on her progress, learn how veterinarians train, and more on this blog.

26. Dog Bites: Information and Statistics: Information, studies, and research are compiled from the CDC, PubMed, the AVMA, and state agencies and posted here. This site is perfect for pet owners or veterinarians who want to get the latest in dog bite studies, animal attacks, and related topics. Be sure to check out the Dogs Most Likely to Bite section.

27. Veterinary Dentistry in Los Angeles: Got a questions about maintaining your pet’s oral health? Then visit this site for the answers. It also contains links to their new site, with tips on teeth, gums, and breath.

28. Vet in Harness’ Blog: This blog is written by a recently graduated veterinary surgeon who lives in South West England. Posts tend to vary from work related to general life observations. Of note is the A to Z poison guide for pets.

29. Disgruntled Letters: Dr. K. blogs on a variety of topics, including the veterinary practice. Although there are posts on his personal life, the grumblings section stands out for its frank view of life as a veterinarian and dealing with pet parents.

30. E-Vet Clinic: Although there haven’t been new posts in a while, this blog is still worth a visit. Dr. Daniel Beatty gives straight talk and information about the health of dogs. Get a frank look at vaccines, insurance, and more.

31. The Horse Doctor: Dr. Alan Weldon is a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine. He comments about veterinary medicine, science, surfing , and horses. In addition to horse and farm related medicine, you can get his views on politics, blogging, and more.

32. Dr. Johnson: This vet specializes in fish, especially Koi. Get loads of information on how to care for this fish, including an instructional video. In addition, a “How To” manual on Koi health is available at no charge.

33. petdoctor: Linda Brooks is a Cornelia veterinarian living in northeast Georgia. She blogs about becoming a veterinarian, her veterinary education, and people and places along the way. Posts often include news, recommendations, and musings.

34. Tails from a Cat Vet: Matthew Filip is a veterinarian living in Houston. He regularly blogs on life as a vet. A recent entry discussed what to do if your cat is going on everything but the box.

35. Veterinary Emergency Medical Service: Michelle works at an emergency vet clinic in Hamilton, New Jersey. She often blogs on product recalls and how to keep your pet out of the clinic. She also gives recommendations on sites, products, and books.

36. Vetmommy: This veterinarian and mother blogs about taking care of the small creatures in her life. This site is ideal for a look at what it is like to raise pets along with children. You can even send in a comment or question.

37. Your Pet’s Best Friend: This small town veterinarian talks about pet care, veterinary medicine, and daily happenings. Search for topics by category, including allergies, behavior, cancer, dental, ear problems, and more. He recently tackled what can actually poison a pet.

38. ASPCA Blog: This blog is contributed to by a number of vets and animal experts. Get virus updates, adoption information, and more. There are also links to information on pet care, animal cruelty, events, and related items.

39. Top Pet News: This site gathers pet related topics from a variety of blogs and posts them here. It is a one stop shop for those seeking information directly from vets. Topics include treatment, diseases, fun, and much more.

Videos and Podcasts

Experts and veterinarians weigh in their professional opinion through video and audio.

40. Veterinary News Network: The VNN is a network of veterinarians and journalists who broadcast local news stories about current issues and advances in animal medicine. In addition to the many stories, you can view videos on all sorts of pet problems, from the most common to the most rare.

41. Pet Videos: Visit here for expert videos on dogs, cats, and puppies. There are even different channels on adoption, breeds, vet info, and more. A recent series shows owners how to train their puppies.

42. Pet Hobbyist: Videos are submitted by staff, volunteers, and users of all the PetHobbyist pet communities. Many videos deal with how to care for exotic animals. There are also a ton of other resources for pet owners.

43. Dr. James Talbott: Dr. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville. With 26 instructional videos, he focuses on cat health. This site is ideal for those who have just gotten a kitten and there are links to other useful pet information.

44. Sarah Tingle: Sarah is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Get tips on handling all sorts of animals from this expert. They include mice, birds, hamsters, turtles, and ferrets.

45. Vetstoria: This series of videos regularly features professionals discussing common and debilitating diseases in animals. You can search for videos by dog, cat, furries, horse, or farm animals. There is also the option to join your pet as part of this community.

46. Good Dog Podcasts: Hosted by Joanne Greene, these podcasts feature dog experts and authors to answer questions, give advice, and tell stories. You can get tips on behavior, training, choosing a breed, feeding, and care. Be sure to check out the episode on First Aid for Dogs with Dr. Nancy Kay.

47. Pet Care TV: This site provides videos for pet owners, vets, and animal lovers. Get tips on caring, a look at complex surgeries, and loads more related videos.

48. Pet Doctor Podcasts: These podcasts contain interviews with veterinarians and animal behaviorists. Although there are only a few episodes to choose from, they are still worth a listen if you have pets behaving in a troubling manner.

49. Dr. Milani discusses integrating animal health, behavior, and the human animal bond in this series of podcasts. Visitors can also find a blog, commentary, articles, and more. She often discusses her own pets in the podcasts.

50. Veterinary Educational Videos: Dr. Rajesh Banga instructs university students on veterinary medicine. This series of videos breaks down the process discussing everything from fish medicine to equine treatments. Although intended as a learning tool for vets, pet owners can find useful information as well.

Whether you’re having problems choosing and adopting a pet or training and treating them, these top 50 veterinarian blogs will answer your questions, help you prevent problems, and assist you in enjoying the experience of owning a pet.