10 Best Unique and Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Whether looking to impress your friends, family, or that cute girl at the dog park, these below tricks are the most impressive and humorous ways to get your best friend to help. Try teaching him/her one or all of the ten best unique and easy tricks to teach your dog.

    1. Dance!: No need to get an expert to have your dog do this amazing and hilarious trick. Only a few treats and patience are required to get your dog dancing. Animal Planet also has many other videos on other impressive tricks.

    2. Speak!: In this three minute video, expert Zak George teaches you how to get your dog to speak. Techniques are quick and easy. There are also links to other videos to show you how to get your dog to do various other tricks.

    3. Fetch!…A Beer: Eric from How To Do Things show you how to get your dog to become the world’s cheapest bartender. Six easy steps and a breed large enough to hold a beer can is all that is required. He also recommends patience when teaching this trick.

    4. Walk Backwards: Another video from Zak George, this trick was suggested by one of his viewers. He found that this trick was particularly good for smaller dogs, such as poodles. Zak also recommends that the dog is taught the “beg” position first.

    5. Jump Through the Arms: Impress your friends and family by turning you and your dog into a mini-circus. Breeds that meet the leaping needs can be taught how to do this command in a few steps. A hula hoop and basic training is also required.

    6. Bite Intruders: Often dogs and puppies are taught not to bite, but in the case of intruders, some homeowners enjoy having this option. An article on eHow gives basic tips in preparing your pet for this sort of training. However, having a professional work with your dog is required.

    7. Play Dead: Kim Amatucci of eHow is a professional trainer and consultant. She shows you how to do this using a technique called “shaping.” She also uses treats and a “Bang!” command.

    8. Run A Course: Just like on the kennel shows, get your dog to run a course like a pro. Dog.com provides ten rules for dog agility training, including commands and reprimands. There is also a link to teaching your dog how to play properly.

    9. High Five: Because shaking paws is so old, teach your dog the not-so-new way to say “hello.” Three easy steps and a few treats are all that is required. The blog also has loads more useful information for dog owners.

    10. House Training: Not necessarily a trick, yet it’s one of the first one you want your dog to know. The experts at Dog Time show you how to do this in three easy steps. They have guides for dogs aged 0-3, 3-6, and 6 and over months.

Loads of fun for both you and your dog, these ten best dog tricks are easy, sure to please, and in most cases, can be learned in a short period of time. They are also great for tightening the bond between master and pet. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian when beginning any training.